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KanbanThe word 'kanban' in Japanese means card. The system that executes the JIT delivery at the shop-floor level is know as Kanban. The card used to control the system are called Kanban cards. In order to distinguish between the system and the cards, the former is referred to as 'Kanban' and the latter 'kanban'. Kanban originated with the Toyota car company in Japan. The aim was to involve the shop-floor operators to achieve higher productivity levels throughout the system. This system was later developed further to achieve the goals of JIT. Kanban is seen as a pull system as opposed to an MRP system, which is seen as a push system.

A pull system is initiated on receipt of firm customer orders. A production controller checks whether sufficient components are available to assemble the product. If they are, then the product is assembled and delivered to the customer. In the event that the components are not available, the preceding departments are asked to supply the components. This machanism of pulling the production goes right back to the stage of the raw material and the supplier (vendor). So in such a situation, it is important to have the raw materials in stock or to have reliable suppliers located close by who can supply the raw material in a short time.

TMSS-Online will assess your operations and supply base to determine the appropriate Kanban options. The design aspect is all important, as Kanban not only effects manufacturing but also purchasing, stockroom, shipping and receiving, transportation and accounts payable. A correctly designed Kanban system when implemented will save houndreds of hours of wasted time, effort and money. A well throught out selection Kanban options will enable rapid response to projected shifts in demand when implemented. The object of the Kanban design will be what is needed, when it is needed, in the quantity needed, while eliminating the non-value added activities associated with recalculation and perpetuation.

Kanban can be implemented rapidly and effectively with outstanding results. Design and implementation planning can be accomplished within a matter of weeks and significantly improves the likelihood of a successful implementation. However, implementation of JIT should be viewed as a project to be undertaken with full support of top management and the involvement of all employees.

Endorsed Kanban Documentation:

Kanban Package

Kanban, is a signaling system used in production to advise what is needed, when it is needed and the amount that is needed. The ChartitNOW package contains the following:
  • Kanban Instructions
  • Explantion of the Kanban Re-Ordering Broad
  • Kanban Estimator
  • Example Layout of a Kanban Process
  • Production Kanban Card Template
  • Supplier Kanban Card Template

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