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World Class Manufacturing (WCM)
Welcome to World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

WCMVery few industries are unaffected by global competition. With higher levels of competitiveness it follows that the consumer will ultimately decide upon the products which meet their needs in the areas of product features, dependability, availability and overall value. No business can afford to stand still. If a company is successful today it can be certain there is someone who is preparing to take all or part of the marketplace in the future. In today’s business environment it is no longer good enough to be better than the competition down the street or in the local marketplace. Each company must strive to meet and beat the best from anywhere in the world. A business enterprise can no longer think that failure to make it in world markets will not affect business in local markets.

The very opportunity to compete in world markets carries with it the explicit threat that the same opposition experienced overseas can indeed knock the company out of its local markets. The response to this challenge of global competition is through the ideal of World Class Manufacturing. World Class Manufacturing is the term used to describe the very best manufacturers in the world. These World Class companies recognize the importance of manufacturing as a strategic weapon. Manufacturing plays a fundamental role in developing and sustaining customer satisfaction through the elements of quality, cost flexibility, reliability and innovation.

World Class Manufacturing is being worked on by many companies today under many names. Some of the names include: Just-In-Time (JIT) or Lean Manufacturing, Total Employee Involvement (TEI), Value-Added Manufacturing (VAM), Continuous Improvement (CI), Activity Based Management (ABM), Total Quality (TQ) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Each is an improvement vehicle which, when utilized properly, can yield significant improvements to the business.

World Class Manufacturing initiatives aim to achieve Manufacturing Excellence by working towards a culture that involves Zero Defects, Zero Losses, Zero Accidents, Zero Breakdowns, Zero Pollution and Zero Customer Complaints through "Zero Abnormality Movement". The essence of WCM is the formation of High Performance Ownership Teams which continuously strive to delight their customers (Internal & External) through enhancement of performance measured through Quality, Cost, Delivery, Innovation and Productivity (QCDIP). Each team defines its QCDIP from its Customers' perspective.

World Class Manufacturing comprises of Eight Dimensions. These eight dimensions are pursued with Fourteen Key Manufacturing Focussed Areas (KMFA) that the Cross-functional, Multi-skilled Teams focus on. The Dimensions are:

  • Waste (MUDA) Elimination
  • Work Environment (5S)
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) / Supply Chain Management
  • Equipment Effectiveness / TP Customer Driven : Internal & External Customer
  • Quality First: SQM and Best Practices
  • Liaison, Team Force and Skill Development
  • Information, Systems/ BPR, Technology and Cash Flows
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